Ryunosuke Majima

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Ryunosuke Majima

Post by Anjaro on Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:39 pm

Main Theme:
Waltz of Anomalies
Secondary Theme(s):
Lost Time Memory
Battle Theme:
Raise Your Flag

RP Name:
Ryunosuke Majima




"The Bigger They Are..." - A deck composed of ways to swarm out Level 1 Monsters. Pretty simple, no?

Main Number:
Number 54: Lion Heart

Numbers Owned:
Number 54: Lion Heart
Number 56: Gold Rat

Numbers Obtained:
None at the current time

None at the current time

Personality: Silent and very composed a majority of the time. He spends more of his time deep in thought, focusing his attention to very few things at once. Most people would consider him to be spacey or simply unaware when he is in fact very perceptive, but due to intense logical thinking he tends to process things in a complex order of importance, causing him to export information he doesn't need, from his brain. In short he takes in immense amounts of information quickly and filters out what he doesn't need, allowing him to form complex thoughts more clearly that way.
He isn't completely unsociable, and when he does choose to speak he is in fact quite casual. He seems mostly void of emotion, only because he has grown so accustomed to viewing everything objectively, very few things cause emotional outbursts for him.


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