Senshi, The Beautiful Night

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Senshi, The Beautiful Night

Post by HystericQueen on Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:16 pm

RP Name: Senshi Sentōki




Ace Card:Photon Alexandra Queen

Main Number:Number 52: Diamond Crab King

Numbers Owned:Number 52: Diamond Crab King Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon

Numbers Obtained:

Relationships: None Yet

History: Senshi was a woman born into a family of artists. She herself had a very love perception of the world and
often spent most of her days just painting whatever she saw in nature. Her favorite thing to paint but also most depressing. The beautiful creatures lived only for months at a time but all contained beautiful patterns and colors. She spent most of her time in the academy drawing often and ignored her studies. She wasnt interesting in the dueling part of her classes until she found the Butterspy cards. A beautiful assortment of butterfly themed monsters and a lovely contrasted art on the cards seemed like every Senshi could have hoped for and she new she had to have them all. She began to sell her drawings for the money to buy the cards in mint condition and used high quality sleeves to protect them from wear and tear. She began honing her dueling skills become quite skilled in her own right but still had a ways to go before she could be considered a true professional.



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